Friday funny

The most popular search term to reach my blog, especially over the past fortnight, is ‘Friday funny’. Why? I have no idea – this is a pain blog all right?!!

Anyway, just so I can continue with the tradition, here are a couple of pictures from my intray..do_not_sit_here41

… and as a reminder around Christmas time – print this one out and fix it to your dashboard.go_ahead_drink_and_drive61

Whew! Now that’s over, the next most popular search term for this blog is ‘Funny Santa’ – in the spirit of the season, I took a stroll through a few images using cooliris (free advert for free image browser – I collect no revenue from this blurb!)… here are some of my findings.

That IS mah Christmas face!

Oh well, I’m suddenly overwhelmed with the need to escape the Christmas season – I’m moving to an alternate time/space dimension so I can avoid the shopping malls…

Have a great weekend – and remember, how many shopping days ’til Christmas?


  1. Hi Bonnie–
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I enjoyed your photos–love the surreal sofa and Santa cat. Alan’s been good with posting regularly, but I have to admit to being a bit of a December idler. Hopefully plenty more EBHC in the new year. I look forward to checking out your blog.

    best wishes,


    1. Hi Danielle
      I know how the world seems to catch up on you – then rapidly overtake especially toward the end of the year!
      I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog next year – countdown to Christmas now means not a lot else is going to happen until then!!

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