Friday funnies from the year 2010

Groan-producing Friday Funnies from the whole year (I couldn’t think of a complete sentence of alliteration, OK?).

BTW many of these cartoons are created by me.  Some posts are links.  If you’d like to use some of mine, please feel free to.  If any of the artworks are, by accident, copyright, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to amend.

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Friday Funnies!

Before I head out to do a little Christmas shopping – yes, in a MALL, at CHRISTMAS! I must be mad – anyway, I had to pass on the following bits of gossip.  It’s true, you heard it here first.

Have a good weekend – and if there’s no post on Monday you’ll know it’s because I’ve got LOST!

Friday Funnies

SuperTherapist decided that if she gave out any advice today, she may just need to fear for her life, so she asked me to help out. SuperTherapist may need your help to vanquish the peripheralist demons from her memory – therapeutic videos to soothe the soul.

If you haven’t heard them before – and you get a chance to see them live – just GO! These guys are at least partially responsible for the odd sounds coming from my house over the last day…

And an example of virtuosity of another kind…

Enjoy your weekend!

Mid-week LOL

A cutesy animal story for Wednesday.  I am sorry about this, it couldn’t wait until Friday.

Awwww! Cute animal story?

Just read on… but first, my humble and most sincere apologies to any German readers.







Friday Funnies

Something we can all be reminded of now and again – work does come to an end.  So if these are true – what happens to physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers?  Contributions more than welcome!

Lawyers are disbarred.
Ministers are defrocked.
Electricians are delighted.
Far Eastern diplomats are disoriented.
Drunks are distilled.
Alpine climbers are dismounted.
Piano tuners are unstrung.
Orchestra leaders are disbanded.
Artists’ models are deposed.
Cooks are deranged.
Dressmakers are unbiased.
Nudists are redressed.
Office clerks are defiled.
Mediums are dispirited.
Programmers are decoded.
Accountants are discredited.
Holy people are disgraced.
Pastry chefs are deserted.
Perfume makers are dissented.
Butterfly collectors are debugged.
Students are degraded.
Electricians are refused.
Bodybuilders are rebuffed.
Underwear models are debriefed
Painters are discolored.
Spinsters are dismissed.
Vegas dealers are discarded.
Mathematicians are discounted.
Tree surgeons disembark.

Never inclined to disappoint fans, SuperTherapist has advice on job stability:

Friday Funnies


SuperTherapist has been on the job, and passes on these tips to make your days go well!

Can you tell I’m procrastinating?

You know, I have seen worse clangers – like the neurosurgeon who said ‘I have no knowledge of psychology, but I’m sure if you ask them to assess [Joe Bloggs] they will write you a lengthy report that you can’t understand…’

And this one is because I will be The Perfect Mother – one day – and to do so I will need SuperTherapist’s gear. Or something in the form of liquid refreshment. Child of my Womb is coming to stay the night and sew a dress. I may go grey before the night is over. But I will be grey and fat because we both luuuuurve chocolate!

Friday funnies!

My world may have been rocked by the late-night quakes, but my humour remains THE SAME! Sorry.
I was talking to SuperTherapist the other day, and she whispered some sayings to help maintain that sense of calm and serenity that is necessary when returning to work after a week away. I’m not so sure this was all that helpful...”Be patient and achieve all things. Be impatient and achieve all things faster.”
Neither were these, probably…

Be aware of your body.
Be aware of your perceptions.
Keep in mind that not every physical
sensation is a symptom of a terminal illness.

To practice Zen and the art of therapeutic
motorcycle maintenance, do the following:
get rid of the motorcycle.
What were you thinking? – and you’ve run out of duct tape.

Friday Funnies!

It’s Friday here in Christchurch – only a few more jobs to do and then it’s gin and tonic time!
I could not resist this – so my apologies to anyone who groans as a result. It’s not my fault I was raised with one of the world’s worst punsters…

And I know, this is sad but oh so true…

Don't mind me, it's the triple espresso talking

Never get between me and my coffee cup. Never.