Friday Funnies!

Here in New Zealand it is most definitely Friday in mid-winter.  As regular readers will know, I’m not one given to recommend medications – but in deepest, darkest winter there comes a time whenI think it’s wise to consider effective treatments for our winter blues.

…This one works for kids too!

And I’m prescribing this one for my daughter, because she’s too smart to put up with dumb boys.  And I’m too young to be a grandma.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Funnies!

As some of you noted, last Friday I didn’t post a Friday Funnies – and did I get my hand slapped.  Sorry.

This week, never fear (or should I reword that?) here are the Friday Funnies.

OK, last one…

(do you think that works on teenagers or during a so-called ‘sleepover’?!)

Fabulous places on the web:

Stress and Humour – Patricia Cameron-Brown and Shayne Yates show us that Ozzies haven’t lost their sense of humour.  This couple have been around in healthcare for years – at least since 1995!  Worth a wander through their site, and consider either attending a workshop, or getting a DVD of their material – laughter really is good for your health.

Laughter yoga?  Well you might if I ever did any yoga – but this is different. The  Giggles run workshops and seminars in Christchurch on how to incorporate laughter into your workplace.  Here’s a link to some of their information about the research carried out on laughter in the workplace.

…and at the last minute, I stumbled across this one (couldn’t resist)

Friday funnies

Preparing for the weekend is serious business IMHO.  After a busy week full of challenges, the last thing we need is to go into a weekend without forethought.  Friday funnies is, therefore, a service brought to you in the interests of effective outcomes and an adequate systems view.  A procedure manual is under development, but in its absence, I hereby provide you with a flowchart for ready reference.

Oh darn, that’s the work one…

Oh no! That’s my default one…

Ooops! That’s the one for when you’re playing XBox or some other video roleplaying game…

That one came from my son…

So I’ll stop now while I’m ahead (not my usual style, I know!) and instead direct you to this piece of wonderful wisdom – and wish you a happy weekend!

Friday Funnies!

No.  I am the Christmas Grinch right now.  After hearing various cheesy and horrid renditions of Christmas Carols when I went into the local shopping mall, I can tell you the LAST thing I want to think of are Season’s Greetings!

So, nothing Christmassy here – instead you’ll see good, wholesome humour of the worst kind.  Sorry.

Oh no, another cutesy animal picture… bring me a bucket!

Last but not least (and this is NOT me!)

Friday funnies

I just read this on Psychology of Pain:

13 Things You Don’t Say to People with Chronic Pain

1. You don’t look sick.
2. Maybe if you just got out more.
3. You can learn to live with it.
4. You just have to tough it out.
5. It’s all in your head.
6. You’re just having a bad day.
7. This will pass.
8. Just get more exercise.
9. It can’t be that bad.
10. It must be neat not to work.
11. Just be more positive.
12. It could be worse.
13. There’s people worse off than you .

Yep, I think I’d inflict pain on anyone who said any of these to me.

I got this one the other day from Manly Jack – a friend of his has just had a heart attack and is confined to walking for 5 minutes at a time – the rest he has to REST.  Which means far too much time on the internet, which means WAY too many funnies being forwarded to Manly Jack, which means I get more material for Friday funnies!

A new Tesco supermarket has just opened in Tunbridge Wells.  
It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.
When you pass the fresh milk stand, you hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of fresh cut hay.
In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks and sausages.

In the alcohol department, the clean, crisp smell of hops of the freshly brewed bitter.

When you approach the egg section, you hear hens cluck and cackle, and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.

The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh-baked bread and biscuits.

I don’t buy toilet paper there any more.

…can’t resist the dog funnies this week. Some are oldies, but all are goodies!

hurtful cat

I do fit

Have a great weekend! I’m working on my PhD proposal – oh and marking a few assignments…sigh…


Friday’s my day for blogging about trivia or humour – or bits’n’pieces. So here’s an ‘allsorts’ post with a few bits and pieces that caught my eye this week…

First up, Left/Right asymmetry in the brain – a nice news piece found at

A video about chronic daily headache is also available on the site – take a look at it for some good information on ‘new daily persistent headache’.

If you have a spare hour or two, you can head to for an explore through their pages on brain stuff. You could spend a long, long time in there – luckily they have a good search function and you can find your way around reasonably easily.

A very brief snippet about emotions and physical health – the basic finding is that how you feel emotionally influences how you feel physically. Everywhere in the world – not just in affluent countries, but also in places where basic survival is hard work.

Not a new finding, but news again – sending patients for MRI or CT or other investigations is again found not to be helpful in terms of outcomes… When will doctors and patients get the message?

…and finally – the courses some kids get at school are amazing! I wish they had ’em when I was a girl…


401 Cultivating Viruses in Your Refrigerator
402 Burglar-Proof Your Home with Concrete
403 Sinus Drainage at Home
404 Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
405 Teach Your Goldfish Zoroastran
406 How to Convert a Wheelchair into a Dune Buggy


1202 Creative Tooth Decay
1203 Exercise & Acne
1204 The Joys of Hypochondria
1205 High Fibre Sex Education
1206 The History of Shampoo & Conditioner (sponsored by Pantene)
1207 Skate Your Way to Regularity
1208 Biofeed & How to Stop
1209 Understanding Nudity
1210 Tap Dance Your Way to Ridicule
1211 Optional Body Functions
1212 Leprosy & Pole Vaulting- How to Avoid it
1213 Elective Surgery in the Home


1011 Self Actualisation Through Macrame
1012 How to Draw Belly Buttons
1013 Weaving With Body Hair
1014 Lipstick Collecting
1015 Gifts for the Senile
1016 Bonsai Your Pet
1017 Rearranging Your Hate
1018 Masochism for Teens
1019 Post-Coital Rug Making (1205 is prerequisite)
1020 Creative Nail Clipping Arrangements

Have a great weekend!