Friday Funnies!

As the onset of winter approaches, it’s time to grab every opportunity for humour, fun and silliness.  I think it’s vital – all that black winter clothing is so depressing maybe the flat mood is just because of having no colour!  While the weather today is chilly, crisp and not too bad – I can feel the bad weather in my bones… So take a break, and enjoy!

After the airline pilot had managed to land the planeinto Wellington airport  — albeit bumpily — following a descent through exceptionally heavy weather, she came out of the flight deck to bid the passengers farewell as they gratefully left the plane  on their way back to terra firma.

The most memorable comment he received was from a little old lady who asked him politely whether he would please satisfy her curiosity on just one point: “Did we land, or were we shot down?”

Why doesn’t this happen more often huh?

…and I can empathise with this kitteh!

Pardon, my cynicism is showing.

But still, there is light and hope and colour – it’s not quite winter yet!

A (brief) rant! A list of middle-aged grumbles

Here are some pet hates – I was going to post this on Friday, but given that my post on assessments is still a work in progress, here it is.

1. Why do some people have to wait right until the end of the consultation to tell you that they REALLY wanted to see you about…and it’s something really important?
2. Why do quality systems in healthcare focus on process rather than outcome? You can tick all the boxes but STILL be doing nothing for the patient!
3. Why is ‘patient-centred’ really ‘patient-driven’? Don’t we as health professionals have to recommend what is good science rather than ‘what the patient wants?’
4. Why do health care facilities put so little emphasis on clinically-driven research? Why is there no specific time/money set aside for clinically-based research carried out by clinicians?
5. Why do some doctors continue to tell people with chronic pain that there is ‘something else that we can try’ when the person is really ready to move on with life? And that ‘something else’ is a techno-fix with limited evidence-base?
6. Why do clinicians keep saying ‘but if we could only treat with what we have evidence for we wouldn’t be able to do anything’?
7. Why do patients decide not to use prescribed medication because it’s ‘not natural’ but think nothing of ingesting nonregulated ‘health supplements’ that could be made of anything? Especially marijuana?!
8. Why do people decide to come to pain management – then not actually DO anything that’s recommended – then tell you ‘it doesn’t work’?
9. Why do meetings take up so much time for ‘information-giving’ when an email could send the information out more efficiently and a meeting could then be used to discuss the implications?
10. Why do office systems in a health care system work for the administrators BUT not work for clinicians?
11. The word ‘suffer’ when used in conjunction with chronic pain – experiencing pain may be compulsory, but suffering is optional.
12. People who believe in ‘alternative’ health care but can’t or won’t put up evidence to support it, yet argue about the need to be ‘inclusive’, and are convinced that conventional health care is corrupt. Especially hospital or academic institutions who are supposedly committed to evidence-based (science-based) processes.

Oh and a final gripe – why is it that four years after something has been suggested, some ‘new’ comes in, says exactly the same thing and it’s suddenly groovy and amazing and the next thing since sliced bread? And why is it that even when it’s groovy and amazing – it STILL takes another 4 years to actually be put in place?

Oooh! I lied – there’s more!
Why is it that some therapists just HAVE to tell you that another professional group is ‘trying to take over our role’, when there’s no evidence that one profession can ‘do it better than’ another?!

I must stop this, I’m on a roll… Can YOU add to it?! Please do!
Must be mid-winter ‘cos this list is soooo incomplete! Bring on Spring I say!
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