Friday funnies

Can you see the ridiculous in almost any situation?  Crack up at completely inappropriate moments? See no reason for levity to be less than godliness?  If this isn’t you, read on – I may yet convert you.  If this is you – what are you waiting for? Join in!

This week’s prime site: sloganizer

Go there, you know you want to!  Here’s what you could see (& I kid you not, this was the first one that came up!)

Friday funnies – be prepared.
Friday funnies will do anything for you.
Praise Friday funnies.
Inspired by Friday funnies.

Try it with your favourite manager’s name. Or your most avoided job.

Here’s what I got with my favourite pastime…
Procrastination, I want it all!

Failing that, try showing this to a teenager…

And how do you recognise a teenager? From one who knows… try these hallmarks

A Teenager is…

A person who can’t remember to walk the dog but never forgets a phone number.

A weight watcher who goes on a diet by giving up chocolate before breakfast.

A youngster who receives his/her allowance on Monday, spends it on Tuesday, and borrows from his/her best friend on Wednesday.

Someone who can hear a song by Lady Gaga played three blocks away but not his mother calling from the next room (unless the call is accompanied by the sound of a wallet being opened)

A whiz who can operate any X-box game without a lesson but can’t make a bed.

A student who will spend 12 minutes studying for her history exam and 12 hours for her driver’s license.

Has a floordrobe.

Spends all day avoiding the shower, then all night to get out of the shower.

A connoisseur of two kinds of fine music: Loud and Very Loud.

A young woman who loves the cat and tolerates her brother.

A person who is always late for dinner but always on time to hear a band.

A romantic who never falls in love more than once a week.

A lad who can sleep until noon on any Saturday when he suspects the lawn needs mowing.

An original thinker who is positive that her mother was never a teenager.

A nonconformist who makes sure every piece of clothing has the same label as her friends.

Sound familiar?!

A favourite site for me is The Chalkboard Manifesto – here’s a sample

This is how I’m going to procrastinate my marking…

Have a good one!
Oh, here’s a corgi – it’s Queen’s Birthday weekend in NZ, one sloppy corgi kiss for all monarchists coming right up!

ps, if anyone knows the origins of any of the jokes on here please let me know so I can attribute them. I collect these things like a magpie and some have no record of origin.