Why work in pain management?

I’m curious about why we work in pain management…  My reasons are that it’s one of the most complex areas in health, it uses a wide range of skills, every person I work with has a different set of concerns and coping strategies, and I do enjoy working with people of working age who communicate readily about their problems.

Although chronic pain management is very demanding on clinicians, it’s also rewarding as people develop ways of achieving fulfilment in their lives.  There is never a feeling of ‘same old, same old’ because every person is so very different.  And although sometimes the process takes a long time, the momentum is always forward and onward.

I also really appreciate the team approach – and I simply can’t say too many grateful thanks to the team I work with – fabulous people who are not only sensitive and caring with patients, they are also supportive and enthusiastic and are there for each other.

Why do you work in the field? What keeps you working in it?  Comments are always welcome!

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