A ramble through some blogs

It’s Friday here in New Zealand – last day of my working week – so in the tradition of many places, I’m having a ‘casual Friday’. ‘Cos you can’t see what I’m wearing, you’ll have to take my word for it, but I’m dressing down, and chilling out in preparation for a relaxing weekend. To get you in the mood for it, I thought I’d take a ramble through some interesting blogs you may not have read before.

First up is neurophilosophy which is written by someone who doesn’t give his name, but says he (I’m guessing it’s a he OK!!) is studying for a Masters in neuroscience at UCLA. He says his blog is about ‘molecules, minds and everything in between’….
Today’s post is about mind music, or music generated through brain waves. Check out his post and watch the YouTube video of music by James Fung who has a PhD in applied engineering. Geeks is all I can say!

For fun, Musings of a Distractible Mind which is a blog written by Dr Rob who says he is a primary care physician from the Southeastern United States. He also gives some curious facts about himself – he doesn’t like mushrooms, they’re too slimey, he plays multiple musical instruments, Llamas and goats have mysteriously become an important part of his blog. He is not sure who invited them, but they keep showing up. So I’m guessing he has a good sense of humour. Anyway, his post yesterday is a joke – enjoy!

Now a group of people that I have ultimate respect for are the librarians. Keepers of all that wonderful information, organisers of the universe – and here’s a blog by one of them! He uses words even I haven’t heard of (what is nugacity??) and writes eloquently and today’s post is all about handwriting them. A wonderful piece of reminiscence and foresight.

My final one today is for people who love photography and want a visual treat.
Once a day, every day, Zing posts a photograph. And wow! What wonderful photographs they are. Zing lives in Hamilton, and we have never met – but we communicate via Aminus3 photoblogs. If you’re a photographer and don’t want to use Flickr, but have photographs to share, think about joining Aminus3. It’s free, and there’s a great community spirit there – and some awesome inspiration. Have a wonderful browse through Zing’s work today.

There you have it, a quiet stroll through the varied world of the internet – take a few moments time out from being incredibly busy and efficient and professional, kick back, and chill. Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday.