Frivolous Friday – tidbits and trivia for your entertainment!

I love my Fridays. On Friday I do most of my university work and so I can spend a whole day reading articles and writing and generally getting immersed in what I love best. Do you know anyone else who gets high on the thought of spending hour after uninterrupted hour surrounded by information?! It’s a bit hedonistic for me to even consider entering a library – oh the bliss!!

But occasionally, as you know, I peek out from behind my tower of papers and enter the weird world of trivia and humour. So, behold! A couple of things I found on the net over the past few days…

Firstly, we know that boys have boy germs and girls have girl germs, and this is why they never have anything in common until just after puberty – then it’s all on. But did you know that girls are evil? Here is the mathematical proof:

Some words of wisdom to the men in our lives (guys, if you do this she’ll be YOURS, I mean it!)