Pain cures from history

Grabbed from the internet over the past couple of days…some things have not changed. Humans seem to have a fascination with magnets, colours, electricity and traction.
First up, the Faradic Electrifier – apply the electrodes to the painful part, press a button and – hey presto! an electric shock. Not exactly sure what that did about the pain, apart from distract from it, but it sure looks cool.

The Electreat was a device that is probably the forerunner of the modern TENS – if you head over to here you’ll find the whole history of it…


The one that really got me was this specially designed treatment for men only (don’t worry ladies, we have our own treats coming right up!).

The history of traction as a treatment for back pain goes back far further in time than I realised.  If you thought torturers needed inspiration, I’m sure they took a look at some of these drawing for some.


But if you thought it stopped there – this is available today, for use in your own home…

I did promise you something specially for women – well, here ’tis (and it’s only one of hundreds of such potions and compounds)…


…and I haven’t even started on the rest of the ghastly herbals that were mixed together and thrown down the throat.  Perhaps that’s for another day.