Can you inflict pain without flinching?

Just for something a little different today: I nipped on over to YouTube and searched for ‘pain’ – what did I come across? Well, apart from h e a p s of really stupid ‘Jackass’ type of home video inflicting pain on each other and laughing maniacally… there were a couple of really interesting psychology clips that caught my eye.

This one made me think, particularly after considering the difficulty some therapists have in ‘pushing’ patients to do activities despite pain…(see my post from a couple of days ago ).

Jean Decety, Professor, Psychology and Psychiatry, explains his research into pain responses and how physicians learn to turn off the part of the brain that activates feelings of empathy. Decety co-authored “Expertise Modulates the Perception of Pain in Others,” published in October 2007, which discusses the necessary ability of a doctor to regulate pain perception in order to better treat patients.

It’s a quick video – so take a moment to enjoy!