pain management programme

Making the most of a referral for pain management

This is a post for people who may refer someone for pain management, or someone who is personally being referred. When I talk about pain management, I’m meaning a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary pain management programme where participants learn about their pain, develop strategies to cope with life despite their pain, and get involved in reactivation.

The contents of a cognitive behavioural pain management programme (eg INPUT, ADAPT, vary considerably – it’s essential that the approach includes these concepts:

  • That clients can learn to accept the chronicity of their pain.
  • That clients can change their relationship to their pain in a way that allows them to broaden their sense of identity/self beyond the pain to that of “a well person with pain”.
  • That clients can learn or re-explore skills to deal more effectively with their pain, e.g., relaxation training, activity-rest cycling, graded exercise, attention management. (Morley, Biggs & Shapiro) (more…)