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Health trivia – or how to impress your friends with useless knowledge

It’s Friday here, and after a week where my internet access was disrupted, my plans to write about assessment fell apart, and I am thoroughly fed up with winter, it’s time for TRIVIA!!

Some health trivia links to astonish and dismay your friends with your rivetting knowledge of useless information about human health (and other topics!).

Oh, you will find that loads of these links are set up for kids: but who can’t admit to still being a kid?!

Health trivia starts with ‘How many hairs are in one eyebrow?’ – of course the answer depends on whether you wax, pluck or have ones that meet in the middle… The answers to this quiz are provided.

This one’s not a quiz, just a list of startling facts like Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. ewwww! I didn’t need to know that!

The facts in this list will astound you and your friends – try this one for size: If you were freeze dried, like coffee, 90% of your weight would be the real you, and 10% would be the little critters that call your body their home? Personally I prefer my coffee hydrated and full of caffiene!

Now if you ever needed a reason to watch movies, this quiz will give you plenty! It’s about the health conditions characters in the movies have lived with – like do you know what disease Nicole Kidman’s character in the movie Moulin Rouge died from? I do, I do, I do!!!

Now this one’s absolutely fascinating – the health benefits of spicy food – again, who needs encouragement to eat turmeric, chilli, capsicum and garlic???

And lucky last for today’s trivia round-up: a whole site devoted to trivia on many topics, with a handful just about health…. Did you know (and did you care to know?) that the emergency phone number in the UK (999) was introduced in 1937? I’d thought the UK number was 111 like here in NZ, but I stand corrected!

Of course, the accuracy of any of these trivial facts should be independently verified before relying on them to give you fame and fortune, and I’m definitely not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information I’ve linked to or given here…
Have a great weekend – and for me, I hope next week I can bring you the promised assessment posts!
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Here’s a new toy!

I just found this site – which is a visual dictionary showing links between words and concepts. I’m a curious being, and love words (can ya tell??), and being both visual and interested in complexity, this dictionary really appeals.
You can type in any word, and up comes a whole range of associated concepts! Have go – I tried with pain, but see what you come up with words like ‘goal’ or ‘work’ or ‘exercise’!!