Online CALM – Resources for calming the mind and increasing emotional resilience

I found this website today CALM – it’s put together by three lecturers at the University of Auckland, and has a whole series of downloadable MP3’s on methods that will help develop resilience and positivity for dealing with life’s ups and downs. Actually, the whole website can be downloaded and played from a computer off-line, which is great if you’re wanting to access this for your personal use.
The areas covered are Mental Resilience; Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression; Healthy Relationships; and Finding Meaning in Life.

While each area is dealt with quite briefly, there are loads of worksheets and MP3’s in each area. It’s that part that excites me! The MP3’s cover topics like ‘self hypnosis’ (by Dr Bob Large, Psychiatrist and Pain Specialist from The Auckland Regional Pain Service); Progressive muscle relaxation; Mindful breathing; Developing a coping plan; two on relationships; a whole bunch on religion and meaning in life including Catholic, Anglican, Bhuddist, Hindu; and meaning in life.

This site isn’t developed specifically for pain management – it’s for general life! Well worth a visit on a wet Sunday afternoon.