Frivolous Friday – a bit like liquorice allsorts!

Sorry guys, but first up is for the girls (mainly)!

Ladies, if you haven’t ever experimented with real makeovers, today you can do it without spending a cent, without having to get the makeup on or off, and it’s as simple as loading up a photo and playing!  Go here for hours (really? maybe minutes) of free fun trying on new looks without the fear that it’s actually happening in the real world.  OK so I really hate the ‘choose a star’ to look like aspect, but what a hoot if you have a spare few moments!

And now for something completely different – AllPysch Online, the Virtual Psychology Classroom.  If you’ve ever wanted to recap on your old psych 101 learning, you can head into here and take one (or more) of the ‘academic’ tests, like this one on research methods (go on, see if you can beat my score – 80% first up!)  There are a nice set of online games for fun and wasting time, especially if it’s wet over the weekend.  And of course there are heaps of online texts – all free, and although not updated since 2004 (:-(), hopefully the majority of them will still be relatively accurate.

OK, this one is for the boysgeekgadgets at GeekAlerts! You have got to be amazed at the inventiveness of some of these people (who would have thought you needed a mini UV ray detector to carry around on your keyring?

Now for this last shot – never ever forget this when you complain about having no room in the car, OK?

Well, maybe not quite the last thing – here’s everything you needed to know about liquorice allsorts, and here’s a link to more and a picture to boot.  nomnomnom