Finding positive solutions

Sometimes you stumble across something that you just can’t put better than it already is… Today’s one of those days, and I’ve found a website that summarises a whole bunch of coping strategies very neatly indeed.

Click this link to go to for a great range of pages covering topics like 10 ways to improve your life, Sexuality and arthritis, Dealing with Needle Phobia, or Prescription Drug Abuse – yes, a wide variety indeed.

What’s nice about these links is the range of allied links on various topics (like the general page on phobia’s which features under the Needle Phobia page). What’s not so good is the once over lightly way in which the topics are covered.

With all of these coping strategies it’s relatively easy to learn about ‘what’ to do, but oh so much more difficult to learn ‘when’ and ‘why’ and even more importantly, ‘how’ and how to deal with the mind chatter that goes along with it all.

Head on over and click the links, but remember that there’s a reason therapists are professionals: because we do know some things at a specialist level, and our job is about applying general principles to the unique individual situation of the person we are working with. It’s that formulation and clinical reasoning that we offer that a self-help book or website will not be able to do.

For some people, knowing ‘what’ to do may be sufficient, but for others – it’s much more about learning when, why, and how to apply coping skills – the right one at the right time for the right person.

Personal growth activities

One resource I can’t do without is new ideas for personal growth activities. I stumbled upon this one recently, and have found the activities a little different from some, and quite thought-provoking.
It’s always helpful to adapt something that is used with people who are ‘well’ rather than using something specifically designed for people with pain, because somehow the language is different…
Anyway, I leave you with this site as a place to pick up some new ideas if you’re looking…!