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Friday Funnies!

As some of you noted, last Friday I didn’t post a Friday Funnies – and did I get my hand slapped.  Sorry.

This week, never fear (or should I reword that?) here are the Friday Funnies.

OK, last one…

(do you think that works on teenagers or during a so-called ‘sleepover’?!)

Fabulous places on the web:

Stress and Humour – Patricia Cameron-Brown and Shayne Yates show us that Ozzies haven’t lost their sense of humour.  This couple have been around in healthcare for years – at least since 1995!  Worth a wander through their site, and consider either attending a workshop, or getting a DVD of their material – laughter really is good for your health.

Laughter yoga?  Well you might if I ever did any yoga – but this is different. The  Giggles run workshops and seminars in Christchurch on how to incorporate laughter into your workplace.  Here’s a link to some of their information about the research carried out on laughter in the workplace.

…and at the last minute, I stumbled across this one (couldn’t resist)

Friday Funnies Return!

And you thought I’d abandoned y’all… Never fear, I can’t miss my weekend preparation, so here we go again!


I’m no fan of ergonomics for ‘preventing pain’, despite my couple of postgraduate papers in it! So when I found these couple of cartoons, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself…

ergonomic personality

I’ve been needling acupuncturists for a while now – perhaps after this I should stop?
acupn cartoon

OK, OK, I’m retreating NOW!
Have a great weekend!