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Self management: Helping a person become their own healthcare expert

and how we can help

Health care in many places hasn’t moved an awful lot from a ‘patch ’em up and send ’em out’ mentality.  This is a great approach if you’re basically healthy, have acute appendicitis, and a quick recovery.  It’s not so good if you have chronic pain, are having to learn to live with it, and find your general coping is compromised.

Most of our health care training, however, is designed to follow the medical model (despite arguments that occupational therapists, for example, are trained in a biopsychosocial model – just watch what happens when a referral for therapy is received without a diagnosis!).  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the medical model when it’s being used in the right place – it’s simply inadequate when the health problem can’t be ‘fixed’.  And the problem with our health care training is that it’s focused primarily on ‘diagnosing’ deficits, patching them up (or compensating for them) and hoping the person will get on with it. (more…)