Friday funnies – in honour of occupational therapy DIY

Yep, they’ve fixed it!

There may not be an occupational therapy chromosome, but I’m sure the ‘inventors’ of these solutions to everyday problems inherited something they can pass on to generations hence.

If you’ve lost your built-up spoon – don’t despair, simply attach a coffee top to your fork and slurp away!

Now, occupational therapists have forever used simple tools to achieve great things – nothing more so than the old wood and bolt bottle top opener.

Need a support for your child’s drooping head? Prop her up with toys!

But wait, there’s more!

For the therapist who needs to travel – make sure the ergonomics work both at home and in the car!

Going camping? Need a commode? The fresh air version comes with toilet roll as well.  Plumbing not included.Been turned down for funding for a new wheelchair? The ultimate light-weight model, with ‘indoor-outdoor’ appeal.

And yes, no occupational therapist could resist this raised toilet seat featuring colonial wood-style surround.  A throne to be proud of.

Apologies to those unfamiliar with occupational therapists ability to innovate, modify and adapt the things we need the most.  It takes a degree to learn how to do this (and weave baskets) to a professional standard.  I believe I may have missed some of these classes while I hopped on over to study the many ways to make a cup of tea.

What amazes me is that occupational therapists not only achieve excellence in DIY modifications, but also study psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes, cognitive behavioural therapy, biofeedback, goal setting, communication, activity analysis, group facilitation, research methods, kinesiology, biomechanics, (ran out of patience to write all the subjects down!) … and modestly hide their skills behind a facade of ‘only’ attending to activities of daily living and activity management.

Friday funnies!

It’s nearly Labour Weekend in NZ, time for all good DIYers to get their projects up and running.  For inspiration, you might like these…


And if none of those tickle your fancy, think about one of these as a weekend project.
Yes, they’re cakes. Not for the faint-hearted or those with hand tremors.
Finally, if you want to know whether you really need a break – take this test. It’s from the Beebs, can’t be wrong! Have a good one.