Talking about roles in pain management

If you’ve missed it before, you won’t in the future: I don’t like turf protection in pain management!  If there is one thing people experiencing pain really need, it’s consistency from all the people working with them – and the second thing they need is more people doing good pain management.  So IMHO there is no room for health professionals staking out an area and saying ‘its mine all mine’.

Nevertheless, there are certain areas of greater or lesser specialisation, and I’m not suggesting pain management becomes an area like many mental health ones, of generic ‘case management’.

What I am suggesting is elimination of the phrase ‘the [insert professional title here] role in pain management is…’ What I’d like to suggest is a new way of looking at what each professional does, and the phrase ‘what [insert professional title here] can offer a team is…’ (more…)