The Kreativ Blogger Award


Thanks to How to Cope with Pain who has just given me the Kreativ Blogger Award!
Each winner of the award gets to list six things he or she is happy about.
Now that’s a pleasure!

  1. It’s Friday, so I get to hunt out Friday Funnies (coming up later today).
  2. My cat is sitting on the end of my bed, and I’m blogging in bed (and it’s 8.15 in the morning!) – she’s turned away from me because I kicked her off the newspaper while I was trying to read it.  Why do they sit right in the middle of the newspaper?!  She’s gorgeous, and has the most amazing purr.
  3. I have some beautiful roses in the garden at the moment, and they smell divine.
  4. I have the luxury of being able to ‘do academic’ today and write, which I absolutely love.
  5. I’m returning my library books today so I get to choose another 5 FREE reads! My bookshelves are thankful, they are groaning because I am truly a bibliophile of great magnitude.
  6. I’m taking my camera out to do some flower macro shots later today, and I just love my photography. (more…)