Terrific trivia – look at what piques my interest today!

I couldn’t go very far past Scott Blake’s site for his ‘Bar Code Art’. This guy has a mind even more way out than mine!! To quote: ‘I started making art with barcodes right before Y2K, inspired by the year 2000 computer bug, and threatening digital apocalypse.’ What he’s got on his website is truly whimsical – you too can get your own, personalised barcode to represent YOU – your age, weight, height, gender and country! And you can take a look at his barcode counter that is counting ‘10,000,000,000 UPC barcodes. (that’s 10 billion possibilities) Capturing every imaginable product. This animation takes 10 years to complete.’ Uh, I don’t think I’ll be watching them all…

Anyway, if you have ever wondered about bar codes and how they’re created – here’s the explanation. You can now die happy. (more…)