Hey, hey, which way? Future directions for Healthskills

It’s a new year and 8 years since I began Healthskills. I’m ready to review what people want from me – are you up for it?

When I began there were very few blogs on chronic pain, and I wanted to give good, scientific information on pain management for all those people who can’t access the research as easily as I can. I also wanted to make sure that the content was useful, could help people who were first beginning to work in pain management some of the information they might not have learned in their training (or postgraduate training even!). Things have changed in the past 8 years, there are many more blogs around and a lot more discussion about the practicalities of using modern pain science in the clinic. Is what I write relevant? Is it useful? Does it fill a gap? What would YOU like from me? Now’s your chance! The poll will be open for two weeks only.



  1. Hi, I love what you’ve put out. Also I’d love you to comment on different methods, i.e. Moskowitz Neuroplasticity.
    Also on CRPS/RSD treatment.
    Charles Horowitz, Ph.D. in Boulder, CO

    1. Yep, just getting Moskowitz treatment manual, and I have done a few CRPS treatment posts in the past. Not that much works to reduce pain with the exception of some mirror therapy and graded desensitisation.
      Thanks for getting in touch, I’ll keep going!

  2. I think you are doing a wonderful worthwhile service. Had chronic pain now for 5.5years since my TKR. Thank you for taking the time.


    Elaine Bradley

    1. Thanks so much Elaine, I’m glad it’s helpful. You’re not alone in having ongoing pain following TKR – about 20% of people do, and the most common reason for revising TKR is pain (according to the national joint registry in New Zealand, which records 90% of joint replacements in the country). Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about.

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