Will you help me get to Brussels?

One of the most important aspects of research is getting the information out where it can be used. One of the ways to do this is by attending conferences – and the one I’m hoping to go to is in Brussels, Belgium, and is specially set up for new PhD researchers interested in pain research. It’s designed to give plenty of opportunity for researchers to meet other researchers, get to ask and answer questions, and learn ways of making a real impact on people’s lives.
There’s only one problem, and that is, as ever, money.
Frankly, I need some help to raise funds to pay for the flights to and from New Zealand and Brussels.
I’ve set up a “Give a little” page where, if you think I’m doing the right thing in pain research, you can donate.
This is the link to Live Well with Pain

It’s a site set up so people can ask for help and others can help. I like it. There are heaps of pages and causes and reasons people need money.

My reasons are simple. I’ve been working part-time for the last couple of years while I’ve been completing my PhD. I didn’t have a scholarship because I’ve always worked, and I love my teaching job (I work at the University of Otago, Christchurch, teaching postgraduate pain papers)

I haven’t been eligible for funding to travel to the Pain in Motion Colloquium from my University because, now that I’ve completed my PhD, I’m not able to access funding available for postgraduate students.

I’m looking for $4000 to pay for airfares and accommodation in Brussels. The conference is at the end of March, and I need to buy tickets by the end of February.

I think I’ve found out some interesting things as a result of my PhD. I’ve listened to people living with pain tell their stories of success. I think health professionals can learn from this research, and I really want to be able to share my findings, and learn from some of the best researchers in the world. I’ve been committed to blogging about research because I think findings need to get out from behind journal covers and into the world of practitioners.

I promise to keep telling you about research findings, and to keep you updated on pain research – and I’d be really grateful if you’d consider giving even just a little.




  1. Bronnie, can you apply for funding from the New Zealand Pain Society? I am in a similar situation where the costs of overseas travel to attend conferences is prohibitive.

    1. Unfortunately, the NZPS is not a wealthy society. I’ve just received a small contribution towards a research assistant from them, so don’t feel I can approach them for more. I love the idea of having online or virtual conferences – not the same as meeting in person, but certainly helps to reduce the financial burden.

      1. No, the conference doesn’t, and Uni Otago has none applicable. I’ve reached halfway though, so there’s hope! There are some wonderful people who have given me so much, it’s quite humbling.

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