Friday in Christchurch

Despite the devastation, there are some wonderful sights in Christchurch right now.  This one (above) made me smile today.

And this one was taken in Nelson after we had turned back to return to Christchurch last week.  Cheerful things, sunflowers, and glorious colour on a rather gloomy and very grim day.


  1. Just absolutely beautiful – love both the pics you chose to put up and isn’t the message on the wall so awesome, how is anyone going to feel hopeless seeing that again and again, Kia Kaha dude…
    PS AM so (enter toddler tantrum) annoyed about not seeing you in March p’haps I need to come to your next dance recital and I will bring big sis.


  2. It seems at a time of a disaster it it always nice people can still see sunshine. i wish all well in the recovery period

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