Friday funnies from the year 2010

Groan-producing Friday Funnies from the whole year (I couldn’t think of a complete sentence of alliteration, OK?).

BTW many of these cartoons are created by me.  Some posts are links.  If you’d like to use some of mine, please feel free to.  If any of the artworks are, by accident, copyright, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to amend.

Friday Funnies – light philosophy, terrible adverts, and cute animal pix with captions

Friday Funnies – quick quiz, the Best Problem Solving Strategy Ever, and how to make a meeting very, very brief

Friday Funnies – what happens when you’ve worked in pain management too long, and some wonderfu links

Friday Funnies – Decision making conundrum and beware of computers…

Friday Funnies – Super handy gadgets, and some great places on the interweb

Friday Funnies – Flowcharts

Friday Funnies – LOLcats – and – that’s how it started

Friday Funnies – Occupational therapy DIY reigns

Friday Funnies – Einstein’s wisdom (not) and what to do with shopping trolleys

Friday Funnies – The Sloganizer! and words of wisdom about teenagers

Friday Funnies – Interpreting the moods of a cat.  Say no more!

Friday Funnies – SuperTherapist’s words of wisdom

Friday Funnies – Things SuperTherapist hoped she hadn’t said out loud.

Friday Funnies – Things SuperTherapist hopes she hasn’t said out loud (ii)

Friday Funnies – Things patients hope they don’t hear

Friday Funnies – Treatments we hope to see one day

Friday Funnies – Things SuperTherapist wrote before she hit the delete key

Friday Funnies -SuperTherapist’s translation guide, and things a cat owns

Friday Funnies – Teamwork and a quick look at what a man should never, ever do (if he wants to live)

Friday Funnies – LoLcats and dogs!

Friday Funnies – SuperTherapist’s guides for living!

Friday Funnies – What happens when a physiotherapist retires? They’re unmoved… badaboom-kish!

Friday Funnies– Cutesy animal story – all together now “Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwhhhhhh!”

Friday Funnies– Parcour extreme – and no, Sheba-the-wonderdog will not be doing this any day soon

Friday Funnies – Therapeutic YouTube videos to soothe the ravaged soul, or something

Friday Funnies – Things actually overheard at your local hospital. Seriously.

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