Links to online CBT resources

I have occasion to look for online resources from time to time – this week it’s been anxiety and CBT self-help, so I’ve been strolling through the internet and located some really great, evidence-based sites with excellent resources.

First one  – here Over 100 downloadable worksheets, all pdf documents, including ACT, Vicious Flower circle, formulation worksheets, sheets for challenging core beliefs – and I have hardly started listing!.  Definitely worth going to if you’d like some well-designed, clear worksheets you can save onto your own computer.  For a sample, click here for the Pain and Fatigue worksheet

e-couch is a free online site for anxiety and depression, and other mood combinations.  You do need JavaScript to use the site.  It’s an off-shoot from MoodGym, run in conjunction with Australia National University.

Living Life to the Full is a UK-based site, once again it’s free, supported by the Glasgow and Clyde NHS. is a site for teens and their parents – nicely interactive, and once again, supported by the NHS

I went through the New Zealand sites, but my teenaged daughter sniffed and said they weren’t ‘cool’, so they haven’t been included – but I need to add that there are some excellent ones, just not quite as therapy-oriented as the sites I’ve listed above.


  1. Thanks again for another great post! I am actually going to print and use the pain and fatigue worksheet even though I should be an old pro at dealing with chronic pain after 20 years. New, sharp, different or post surgical pain is almost like learning to cope all over again and it helps to have something to refer to to be mindful that you aren’t part of the problem but part or the solution.
    Thanks again,
    Yvonne Henderson

    1. I’m reminded of something one therapist said to me that almost made me puke – ‘everything is a learning experience’ – at the time it was the LAST thing I wanted to hear, but he was right. That worksheet is a useful one to look at, I think, because it does give you another way of looking at things which means another ‘learning experience’!!

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