Friday funnies

Preparing for the weekend is serious business IMHO.  After a busy week full of challenges, the last thing we need is to go into a weekend without forethought.  Friday funnies is, therefore, a service brought to you in the interests of effective outcomes and an adequate systems view.  A procedure manual is under development, but in its absence, I hereby provide you with a flowchart for ready reference.

Oh darn, that’s the work one…

Oh no! That’s my default one…

Ooops! That’s the one for when you’re playing XBox or some other video roleplaying game…

That one came from my son…

So I’ll stop now while I’m ahead (not my usual style, I know!) and instead direct you to this piece of wonderful wisdom – and wish you a happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the Friday Funny flow charts! I just did concept mapping with my students and realized that concept mapping and flow charts are very very similar! I am going to give each group a copy of the first chart that depicts internet procrastination… it seems to be the weakness that we all share!
    Cheers, Anita (on Thursday)

    1. Oh no, you found a use for my useless trivia!! That’s shocking. **note to self: make sure useless trivia really is useless before posting**
      Me ‘waste time’ on the internet? Not at all, it’s really all ‘research’.

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