Friday Funnies – and special places on the net

Things I wish were real…and some that actually are.

Yes, that’s a USB pet rock.  It simply sits. Being a rock.

– if you get the munchies?

An occupational therapists ‘extreme solution’ (please, don’t!)

And special people and places I’ve seen…

Marianna Paulson, aka AuntieStress (on Twitter) – a warm, caring person who shares readily and writes about life as it is – go here for a taste

Research Blogging, edited by Dave Munger, tireless, indefatigable man with humour and passion for getting real research ‘out there’ – go here for the latest research posts

Tony Bridge – for a visual feast, and unafraid to be himself online and share his ups and downs, he comes across as very real – go here for stunning pictures

That’s it for today – I hope your weekend refreshes, enchants and engages your imagination.


  1. Wow, that chair is very much something I’d like to have – especially if I could change the incline at will. I have severe jaw pain and I find sitting at a chair just doesn’t work for me. Currently I work standing up with a bunch of phone books holding up my monitor. It’s better than sitting but it’s still not something I can tolerate for very long.

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