…unexpectedly absent

After writing recently about post-surgical pain, I’m unexpectedly going to be having some surgery myself today. I’ll be out of circulation for about a month, and hopefully will be back on deck in the New Year.

To all the readers who visit this blog, thank you! Thank you for the comments, the discussion, and the reward of connecting through the internet.

I’ve met people from all around the world, including some places I’ve never heard of (and couldn’t place on a map!). I’ve discovered that interest in pain management ranges from people who want to sell things to ‘fix it’, people who experience their own pain and want to share their knowledge, and people who are clinicians of all persuasions to some very dear friends who find me via this medium after years being out of touch.

I’m grateful for your thoughts and comments, and hope this coming year will bring more of the same (except a few less spams and I could do without that strange one about the purple crystal and lights from Avanste or whatever it was!).

And for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere – you may well laugh at this, but to us downunder, this is our reality!  Be afraid, be very afraid!



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