Breathworks training – mindfulness meditation for pain management

The world is a small place really, as I’ve found out via Twitter, Facebook and the blog – but I didn’t expect to have contact through Amazon (that wicked place that snatches $$ right out of my purse by tempting me with far too many wonderful books!).  However, I received an email today from Vidyamala Burch, who has developed Breathworks, a mindfulness meditation approach to pain management that has achieved some success.  I have used the Breathworks CD’s for some years now, both for myself and with people who have chronic pain.  They’re lovely and nondirective, ‘mindful’ and as a result help me move towards acceptance rather than trying to avoid negative experience.

Anyway, Vidyamala contacted me to say she’s coming to New Zealand (back home!) to lead a training at Mana Retreat over the first week of February.

The details are here.

And if you want some of the research backing this approach, she has several documents here.

If you’re in NZ in February, and want to spend some time for personal and professional development, this looks like a wonderful opportunity.

Here’s a pdf you can download to share amongst your colleagues.



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