Friday funnies – and a trip around the web

Another week has flown by, and yet it doesn’t seem any closer to summer although Christmas is most definitely on its way, if the shops have anything to do with it!! The weekend is nigh, and it’s freezing cold outside, and I have a ton of work to do, but firstly, Friday funnies to lift the mood a little.

I am a geek, and proud of it. It was actually my son who first said that about himself, then I realised it was me too! So sue me, I do love satire, computer stuff, philosophy, Star Trek (not sure how that got in), and gadgets.
This caught my eye:

and so did this…

For a wealth of not-so-heavy-but-intelligent-reading, Mind Hacks is always worth a visit. Go there now.

Tired of reading rubbish science? So is the Neuroskeptic. Intelligent-but-heavier-than-Mind-Hacks-reading. Visit soon.

Enjoy this: and visit the rest of the Bonkers Institute
Dr. Bonkers presents
The Nearly Genuine and Truly Marvelous
Psychoneuropharmacological Mental Medicine Show
– online gallery of modern and vintage psychiatric drug advertising. Don’t miss the side effects area either, you’ll never read the side effects of a drug again.

Ahhh bliss. Geekery at its best. I can rest now, happy that I’ve shared my somewhat warped humour to the world yet again.


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