Positive online support group for people with chronic pain

Chronic pain revolutions – online forum for people with chronic pain.  Precious few of these for people with chronic pain, and this is one without too much emphasis on pain reduction.

Stated objectives are:

The purpose of this site is to help fill a void that exists today in society and help provide the much-needed social network for those in chronic pain. We will do what we can to establish support for those in chronic pain and elevate their quality of life so they can keep their minds on what really matters. Our aim is to provide a resource of research and treatment information. As well, a social network, an online community, and financial support where possible for people in chronic pain. The name uses the plural, Revolutions as each person in chronic pain must undergo an individual revolution in order to maintain the best quality of life possible. There will also be many facets to the Chronic Pain Revolution, thus we decided Revolutions best conveyed our many ambitions.



    1. Hi Michael, thanks for pointing out your website. For readers, please note that I don’t endorse any specific clinician or product, so please remember to obtain good references or talk to the person and research what he or she offers before making any decision to attend.

      1. We were sadly hit by a few hackers and shut down for a few years. It really lifted my spirits to see this post. It is an honour and so much appreciated. The good news is that despite a few setbacks we are back online and ready to help once again. I hope you are well adiemusfree. I hope you find time to come check the new site out. I hope you are well my friend.


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