There is a heaven – and it’s in the Canterbury High Country

I said we were going to a place with nothing, I was wrong – it has everything…
‘We’re going to a place called ‘the retreat’ which is in behind Lake Coleridge – no electricity, no phone coverage, no nothing!’
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This is what it looked like on Saturday morning – after it had snowed all night. This is October, OK – Spring?!
the retreat i
‘Oh and you have to do a 4WD trek for about 20 minutes (or more depending on how high the river is and if it’s dark or not!) to get to the dwelling.’
This is the drive – in daytime when it’s not snowing…  This is the Harper River on the left as you look back toward Ryton and Glenthorne Stations.  I took this shot on the way home

the retreat ii

The view from the front door on Saturday morning…

the retreat iiiDid I mention no phone, no power — but there was hot water (heated by gas) until the water flowing down from the hill behind got blocked off – NO water!! but we were able to use chilly fresh water from the stream flowing in front of the building until Manly Jack trekked up the hill and got the water going again.

I did mention something about “Sheba is going to love it – there will be RABBITS!’ Tonight she is hardly moving – she wandered for miles and miles and yes, there were RABBITS!
That teeny tiny red/brown dot is Sheba traversing the confluence of the Avoca and Harper Rivers…
the retreat iv
…but despite her best efforts to completely disappear underneath this willow tree, she didn’t manage to get a rabbit out – they were there OK?!
the retreat vi

It was a wonderful time, and I wish we had longer there.


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  1. Hi, great photos, I am currently creating a website to promote the restreat and was wondering if you would emai me any good photos you have like the above that you would not mind being published on our glenthorne website? Do you have any photo’s of inside. cheers Kylee

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