Blog posts I love

I’m loving Pain for Philosophers blop – and this post made so much sense to me… hope it does to you!  On confusing ‘amelioration’ with ‘obliteration’.  Does it ring true to you?

..and red-heads – yes, they’re sensitive souls: they DO need more analgesia!

Psychology of Pain has a piece on fibromyalgia: the search for support, I’m sure this will ring true for many of us!  And don’t forget the great list of web-crawlers and RSS feeds on this site.  Great if you’d like an update on what’s going on in pain news around the world.

Elaine Lockards blog on Life Success with chronic health problems is a good read.  She’s linked to a couple of my posts on goal-setting, but don’t let that put you off!  This one is a particularly nice post on acceptance, and another on anxiety.

There is excellent information on the internet if you’re prepared to take a look around.  An old favourite is How to Cope with Pain, written for patients in particular, but helpful for anyone working in the field.

For sound good mental health advice and information, succinct posts and a dollop of humour – Dr Deb!  I loved this one – let me know which chair you are (I’m blue and comfy).


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