Not a Funny Friday…

It’s a very sad day… my laptop motherboard is ailing, it is a terminal disease – and tomorrow all the innards will be transplanted into another laptop!  It will be weird to see all the insides of this computer on the screen of another computer.

Anyway, it means that my access to the internet has been VERY limited as my poor pc struggles to boot up (there is a problem with a serial bus controller, a parallel bus controller and a PCI bus controller on the motherboard – ouch!).

So I’m sorry, while I’m in mourning, there is no Friday funny. I am sorry.

Maybe next week?

Postings wll be a little infrequent next week as I prepare exam questions and tweak my PhD proposal for registration with the Uni by the end of the week.  Think of me, sorting out Endnote references and getting the grammar sorted out.  Normal production will resume as soon as possible!


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