Proud Mother!

michelles photographs
have to gloat – Michelle has been doing a bit of photography, and these are her photographs matted for an exhbition at school. I’m proud as anything – I think she has a real eye for composition and concept. Oh and she’s cute too!
If you go here you can catch some of her images over the past six months.

For those who don’t know, I’m away for two weeks – I may pop in on the odd occasion, but I’m not committing myself. In the meantime, go visit some of the blogs on my blogroll – they’re worth it!



    1. She’s definitely a chip off this block! My ‘break’ is to have my tonsils out, so not really a holiday – I’m experiencing my own acute pain episode right now. Thank goodness for pain management skills and medication!

  1. Still answering your blog – aren’t you supposed to be taking some time off?

    Watch out for the dry cornflakes


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