7 Google Apps Every Health Professional Should Know About

Today is my first guest post for this blog! I hope you enjoy it – and thanks to Lis from Perth for getting in touch with me!

More and more web hosting providers, particularly the ones that are free, are powerfully persuading their clients to use Google Apps in order to manage their email more efficiently. This is typically due to the fact that the hosting provider wants to lower the overhead cost for processing that comes with operating POP accounts and saving disk space related to mail storage. In general, by using Google Apps, you get better performance and often better email support from your host. For example, if your host includes a single catch all type of email, you would probably still benefit from the use of Google Apps. You do have other options when it comes to email solutions, but all too often you will pay more and still not have the same full functionality that you get with Google Apps. Once you log on to Google Apps, you will soon see that it is much more than email. With your basic Google Apps account, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Add more domains
  • Add up to a hundred users
  • Each user account includes a separate email
  • A chat facility for users
  • Work together and share documents
  • Design public or private sites online or work as a team with others to build websites
  • A group calendar
  • Build a home page and select the Google widgets that your users can see
  • Fully functional email

This may all sound like a bit much for a medical professional that only needs a couple of email accounts and your own domain. No problem, Google Apps allows you to turn off any feature that you do not need. Essential Google Apps For Medical Pro’s With Google Apps, medical professionals will enjoy email accounts, sharing files, creating schedules and chatting in real time. Not only are these tools great for business, but can also be used effectively on a personal level as well.

Here are the top Google Apps that every health professional should explore:

1. Gmail – Enjoy the benefits of reduced spam mail; stay connected by accessing Gmail on your mobile device and lots of storage space.

2. Google Docs – A great way to create your work online and share it with others. Upload right from your desktop; edit anytime or place; choose you is allowed access; share changes to your documents in real time; and store files online securely.

3. Google Calendar – Never forget another appointment with SMS and email reminders. You can also schedule events from anywhere with mobile access.

4. Google Talk – Allows you to chat with patients and colleagues in real time. You can chat right from Gmail and easily cross over from text to voice chat.

5. Google Sites – Makes it easy to create and share group websites. Create a webpage with a single click. You do not have to be fluent in HTML to create a customized look and feel.

6. Google Videos – Upload your videos for free, email videos to patients and colleagues or post to your website or blog.

7. Google Mobile – Allows you to add Google products to your mobile devices.

It has never been easier to get Gmail, Search, YouTube, Maps and much, much more on the go. Create your own combination of these tools to enhance your medical business, or use them all together and manage you files, patients, records, etc. from anywhere on the planet.

Dena White is a freelance author and writes about healthcare career topics, such as how to obtain an online nursing degree, tips for job advancement, and more.


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