Chronic Pain Australia

It’s amazing the networking that can happen over the interweb.  Today I had a message from ‘Cozzie’.  Now you’d have to think, if you’re a Kiwi, that Cozzie is an Ozzie – and you’d be right!

Well, she said she’d read some of my posts and thought they were OK – so I took a look at her site, and blow me down (you have to bring out these sayings when it’s a Kiwi/Ozzie think), she happens to be Ms Coralie Wales, President of the organisation called ‘Chronic Pain Australia’

  Take a look at the website, it’s great! This is an organisation I think we need here in New Zealand.Thanks to the wonders of the internet, at least you can link to it, so here is the link.  Go on, go visit.  And I’ve put a link into my blogroll.   Better than that, if you’re in Australia, get involved.  People with chronic pain live all around us, and they’re just like you and me.  In fact, they could be you and me. 

Bliss – the internet has some wonderful things going for it.


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