Friday fun time – I’m playing with your mind…

Feels good, doesn’t it? The last day of the week, winding down for a weekend of relaxation, family, all that good stuff… To help you prepare I’ve found some fun mind stuff just to keep you on your toes until the end of the working day!

First up: think you have a good brain? Feel like testing it? Cognitive Fun has a whole lot of great cognitive tests to tickle your fancy. See how well you can recognise musical intervals, visual memory, the Eriksen Flanker test (no, it has nothing to do with ball handling skills), spatial working memory – oh the list goes on. You can make up a (free) account, and come back to test your skills, as well as check your results against the collected results of others who have whiled away their last working hours on these clever games.

For a rather more traditional set of optical illusions, you can go here to ‘Scientific Psychic’ – an oxymoron if ever there was…

Some quirky and quite challenging visual information processing activities, this site EyeCanLearn (and you thought my puns were bad…) has some really tricky figure-ground puzzles, and some fun eye tracking activities that are sure to develop your ability to read faster (and perhaps find your keys on a desktop?!)

On a slightly more sensible note, Psychology Today has a series of self tests on topics like Burnout, Procrastination (can’t think of anyone that might apply to!), and attention. Have fun!

Finally, your visual treat for today – and yes, you can spend a long, long time here – go to and take a look at this

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