Travel to interesting places online!

Today’s post is about some of the interesting links you can find online.  Mostly links to do with brains, psychology and pain – but not all!

Genes to Cognition Online – featuring the 3-D brain, lovely interactive graphical interface to burrow down into really interesting topics like cognitive processes, disorders, research approaches and neuroimaging research, you can lose yourself for hours.

Deric Bownds’ MindBlog is full of brain and music information.  It’s in-depth material that can challenge and intrigue – some great podcasts available, and loads of links.

If you’re ever in need of some stimulating discourse on neuroplasticity and things to do with the nervous system, head to Neurotonics: a PT team blog.  The above two links are courtesy of the contributor’s fascination with brain stuff – and as ever, thought-provoking discussion about the meaning of new discoveries about the brain.

For a huge collection of brain information, BrainMeta is a place to browse. You can link to BrainMaps which is an interactive brain atlas – they have human brains, cat brains, rat brains and others – great for comparative analysis, with some excellent downloadable desktop tools to use to view the images.

Challenging our minds is for kids – a cognitive training programme online that adults can also have fun with.  If you don’t mind the rather computerised voice of ‘Al’, the exercises are good for anyone.  Free registration, and it can be used for months so you can see results before any financial investment is needed.

PsyBlog has been around a while, but never fails to surprise with posts about understanding your mind.  The post on why thought suppression doesn’t work starts like this: It sometimes feels like our minds are not on the same team as us. I want to go to sleep, but it wants to keep me awake rerunning events from my childhood. I want to forget the lyrics from that stupid 80s pop song but it wants to repeat them over and over again ad nauseam.’ – hmm, feel familiar?  A great post on what not to do to forget.

Finally today, a collection of podcasts on ‘ideas worth spreading’ from TED.  I’m only hoping the place where I work will let me open them up (YouTube is not allowed) – so many excellent clips from great speakers including Dan Gilbert discussing Happiness.

Have a great day!

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