Habit at Work

I don’t know how I managed to miss linking into this web-based resource all about the aches and pains we get while we work! Take a look at Habit at Work – and yes, it’s developed by ACC, but don’t hold that against it.

It’s a nice, simple web design, with a choice of either office or industrial workplace to select. Once you’ve clicked into the workplace, you’re able to choose a quiz (with some surprising facts for some people!), how to work in comfort, how to assess yourself, and what to do if you’re feeling sore. I especially liked the interactive nature of the site, the lovely graphics – and it is written in language that is clear and easy to understand.

My only quibble, and it is a tiny one, is the section called ‘get rid of pain’ – the content is fabulous, but the heading might lead some people with persistent pain to believe that if they can’t ‘get rid of pain’ there is something seriously wrong. Remember that many people have ongoing pain and don’t seek treatment for it – perhaps ‘manage your pain’ or something might have been a better title. But don’t let that stop you from referring to this site – and if you’re a therapist working with people returning to work, or perhaps injury prevention or health and safety, you can give people the link and they can return to it as often as they want. It’s even got an ‘exercise for the day’ – even if I did a giggle at the hairless person (not sure if it’s a man or woman!).

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