Pain Blog Carnival!

Every month the best of pain blogging is gathered together and published by How to Cope with Pain. This month is a little different – instead of us sending in posts, the best posts have been selected and included in the carnival.  Take a look here for this month’s round-up. In the mix is a post on mirror therapy from Neurotopian, and for a little more, you can go here to view a video of mirror box treatment for stroke – the principles are the same for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

My post about using attention management for coping with chronic pain is included – yay!

And my personal favourite is this one by Kerrie from The Daily Headache – scheduling in an ‘off’ day, or pushing yourself to do something knowing that a ‘bad day’ will ensue – but it’s worth it every now and then.

Pain management is all about choices really – and the power of pain management to me is helping people who have chronic pain recognise that they do have choices available, that pain does not need to dictate everything.

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