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Take a look at the list and see where your favourite blog is ranked!
I’m actually about #339 currently (I often get ranked between #250 and #350) of the 1027 blogs that are rated on the site. Not that it’s about the numbers (yeah, right!)
For some of the FAQ’s especially about the features of this site, go here .
Some of my favourites are ranked on this site including Bad Science, PsychCentral, BrainBlogger, Musings of a Distractible Mind, and Dr Deb.

I’m definitely NOT in this business to be ranked or rated or for awards. If I was, I’d spend a lot more time writing on popular topics, for patients instead of therapists, and I’d post shorter posts! I write because I enjoy sorting things out in my own mind, exploring things I’ve pondered about, and because I can’t see anything else quite like this on the net.

I originally started posting as part of my rehabilitation for postconcussion syndrome (it really helped me learn to paraphrase and integrate new information!), and it’s become a place where I encounter people working in the field of pain management, can file (for free!) lots of the resources I use each day in clinical work, and it’s been an incredible way to document my own learning and values.

Some of you might have seen the survey to the left of this post – it’s about what you might like to see me write about. At the moment it looks like writing about how I apply theory to clinical cases is something you’d like me to cover. I want to do this, but I also want to link in to specific papers to make sure you have something to refer back to (don’t take my word without checking the original study).

Does this all take time? Well, yes. I blog often early in the morning, or in the evenings when everyone sane is watching TV. I could be watching TV or I could be processing some photography, reading, painting or sewing or even dancing – but for me, pain management is something that is incredibly fascinating, rewarding and stimulating. No I don’t really have a boundary between my ‘work’ and my ‘life’! One day maybe I can make a living out of writing this blog – until then, I’ll just do it for the reasons I’ve given above.

I love comments, I love debate and I would love you to make comments. I usually respond to comments (except the ones that lead me to a spam site, OK? I don’t need silicon implants, herbal remedies or a bigger… you know what I mean?!). So, if you’ve enjoyed something, or maybe you’re irritated, or curious, or have another site to share – let me know!


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