Occupational Therapy Blog Carnival!

If you are an occupational therapist, or you have never really taken occupational therapy seriously, now is the time to take a look at the international Occupational Therapy Blog Carnival #1.

Thanks to one of the most energetic Web 2.0 protagonists I’ve ever met, ‘Buckeyebrit’ (AKA Claire Hayward from UK!) organised this inaugural occupational therapy carnival. Go here to her blog ‘E-nableOT’ for the blog roundup.

Next month I’m up for hosting it – be prepared for some stimulating, enlightening and rewarding reading.
If you’re an occupational therapist, or have something related to occupational therapy in your blog, think about contributing. Next month’s topic is ‘clinical reasoning and occupational therapy’ (my choice!) so I invite you all to contribute. Maybe an example of the reasoning behind an intervention you’ve used. Maybe a description of how you’ve applied a model of practice into a treatment. Perhaps it’s a thought about how your clinical reasoning has developed over your practice – or maybe, if you’re not an occupational therapist, how your reasoning differs from occupational therapists you’ve worked with.

I’ll give you more details about what to do – and I won’t let anyone forget either! – in the next couple of weeks.

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