Continuing professional education: videos online

It’s been a while since I put up some links to good free online video material, so today’s the day!

University of Maryland has a range of medical videos on manytopics.  There is a heavy bias towards medical and surgical options, and little on ‘allied health’.  The information on spine disorders and ‘oh my aching back’ is focused on surgical and peripheral disorders, and little attention is paid to the limited relationship between ‘ruptured discs’ and pain.  No matter, there are some nice podcasts on ‘forgiveness’, ‘medical crisis counselling’, and ‘depression’, and the series under ‘preventive medicine’ has a nice one on ‘walking for wellness’.

PBS website NOVA has some really interesting video material.  I liked the one on mild TBI (11 minutes), mirror neurones (14 minutes), and sleep (13 minutes).  These are produced for general public viewing, so the scientific detail is minimal, but for patient information or if you’re just curious, they’re great to watch.

University of Michigan has a series of very informative videos on anatomy in which they show dissection of the human body.  They’re very clear, there are accompanying lecture notes, and are designed for medical students (undergraduate level).  It’s called ‘gross’ anatomy – well when my daughter saw that, she said ‘yeah and it is!’

PsychCentral lists ‘Top Ten Psychology Videos’ – and they are really great, from the Stanford Prison Experiment (1973), to The Teen Brain (yes, they really haven’t got it all together!)  This list was posted mid-2008 so the links all work!

All About Psychology regularly updates its list of psychology videos, and if you take a moment to wander down the links on the left hand side of the page you’ll find a wealth of other resources to view including psych testing, study skills, experiments and a list of psych blogs.  The videos on this page include one of my favourites, Martin Seligman’s ‘Why is Psychology good?’, discussing the origins of psychology, how it has helped and hindered, and proposing the role of positive psychology, founded by Seligman in around 2000.

I’ve just stumbled on ‘LearnOutLoud’ website which lists a huge number of free audio and video resources.  It also has products you can buy, so remember I’m not endorsing it.  When I looked under ‘Social Science’ there is a nice video of the Neuroscience of Consciousness, Perception and Self by Bob Woodruff.  Interesting stuff – well worth a viewing on a wet or cold Saturday afternoon!

I do NOT recommend using Google and the terms ‘pain video online’ – if you’re trying this at work, DON’T.  A lot of very sick people out there.

For my final link today, this video was a surprise – a video by a pain specialist with one of the best descriptions of the inter or multidisciplinary team in pain management that I’ve seen.  Well done!  It’s by UCSD School of Medicine, and Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation and specifically updates the management of pain for women.  (I couldn’t find anything on the specific management of pain in men – sorry guys!)

Happy viewing!


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