A fortnight of no fixed abode…

One of my favourite things is to be able to take my watch off, turn my phone off, be away from town – and go bush. For the next fortnight I’ll be somewhere in the lower half of the South Island, New Zealand.
Manly Jack and I are taking off in the 4WD to meander where the GPS takes us, with only two destinations really firmly in my mind – one is the Catlins, and the other is Stewart Island, or Rakiura.

For just a tiny hint of the gorgeous scenery we’ll be taking in (and nothing of the nasty bitey sandflies, midges, mosquitoes either!) take a look below…

If you’d like a personalised account of a visit to the South Island, this site has some stunning photography and great descriptions. Tom Dempsey has pulled together some tips on what he experienced and enjoyed – and the site has been updated as recently as December 2008. Thanks Tom, you’re a great ambassador!

When I get back, I expect to be tanned (or rusted, there is quite a bit of rain out there!), bitten (by at least a 1000 biting things – none poisonous, and no we have no snakes to worry about!), and hopefully will have seen a kiwi in the wild!

In the meantime, you have plenty to read and ponder if you take some time to visit some of the sites listed on my blogroll…and I look forward to getting back refreshed and ready to get writing! It’s going to be a busy year.


    1. Make sure you bring your thermal underwear – it’s summer, and all day it’s been raining with a ‘brisk’ southerly wind (brisk apparently means you can still have hair on your head when you come back inside), and a temperature of around 15 degrees I think. And we brought our swimming and snorkelling gear! But the scenery is absolutely stunning…

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