Funny? maybe just quirky!



Some wonderfully random, funny – but probably quirky sites to visit.

If you’re a crafty sort of person – this website might attract you.  It’s all about mosaic supplies, based in New Zealand – so a local place at last!

And for some quirky travel facts about New Zealanders – head over to here (they also have a whole lot of information on travel in New Zealand), worth a visit especially if you’re thinking about where to go and who to use as a travel agent in New Zealand.

I love Cecily – genuine quirky New Zealand humour!  She’s created by Celia Allison, and her humour is soooo suited to kiwi women in the … erm… not 20’s!

Cecily is the creation of Celia Allison. Celia grew up in rural Canterbury, and after many itinerant years, now resides in Lyttelton. Following graduation from Wellington Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communication Design in illustration and graphic design Celia has worked in this area for many years. She also produces Moa Revival, a New Zealand range of stationery. With many cartoon commissions under her belt Cecily evolved as a pet project though, as Celia protests (not too loudly, she hopes), she is not necessarily autobiographical.’

Enjoy my random ramblings through interweb quirk, and remember: this blog is about pain management!  The fun stuff is all about chilling back and taking a balanced look at life!

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