Happy New Year!

As I live in New Zealand, we are one of the first countries in the world to celebrate the New Year, so let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

In so many ways, New Year is a much more significant day than Christmas to me. It holds all the promise of those brand new textbooks at the beginning of school, or an unopened present, or meeting a new person, seeing a tiny baby or setting out on a long trip.

I’ve made resolutions or goals most New Years, and this is no different. This year I want to do some specific things that are good for me, and hopefully good for others too!

  1. Eat healthy and exercise regularly – in other words, live well this year.
  2. Develop the art of really listening, and only then deciding what to say.
  3. Be fully present in what I do.
  4. Look for the purpose or function rather than the wrappings in what people say and do.
  5. Enjoy time out, and time with others.

Oh yes, and do my PhD, continue photography, painting (I’ve been doing some painting for the first time in two years over the past few days!), dancing, reading, return to diving, and try something new – whatever that may be!  Last time I did this I picked up guitar lessons, so perhaps this year it will be to learn a 12 bar rhythm and blues piece.  Not sure yet.

The point is – at the moment I can dream a little, give myself credit, and celebrate the things I have succeeded in over the past 12 months.  It’s a little over 12 months since I started writing this blog, and it’s grown from maybe 20 hits a day to over 220 every day.  That’s a whole lot of people clicking through the words and images I post!  I may not make a huge impact on the world of health, but I’m enjoying it and learning through doing it and that’s a major part of it!

I look forward to more dialogue with people over the next 12 months – please can I beg for more comments?!

In the meantime – all the very best for the beginning of 2009!  Let’s start unwrapping our present shall we?


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