More weird (or should that be quirky?) sites to visit during the holiday season…

On the Star Wars theme – I do not know how this guy does it, but he finds Storm Troopers in the most amazing places…

To test YOUR level of insanity (and quite seriously, too), you can head to Internet Mental Health to use their online mental health diagnostic programme, based on the DSM iv.  Once you’ve self-diagnosed, you can then head to their many resources for a bit of a pick-me-up.  Seriously though, you might want to head to your preferred health provider if you do find you reach diagnostic criteria to receive proper diagnosis and management.

Wanna bug your friends?  Go here… go on, you know you want to!

For stunning visuals – go here to Jeremy Cowart Photography. Great photographic work by a commercial photographer with many famous people appearing in his portfolio (I especially liked the shot of the two from Prison Break… yum!)

And finally for today: if you’ve ever wondered about MRI, here is the book for you – and it’s all online!  Joseph P Hornak has written loads about the technology, uses and maths behind the MRI. Not light reading, but great if you’re wanting to learn about one of those tools we seem to use more and more in health science.


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