Way cool sites to visit!

I’m not really seriously blogging at the moment, just strolling through random sites, and coming across some funny stuff.

One page to go to is Attractors – enjoy moments of fun-filled timewasting by moving the tiny balls around so the even tinier balls bounce and swirl!  this came courtesy of The Cleverest which has moments of hilarity and some rude bits too.

If you have some time, head over to Flickr for some stunning photography.  Some of the photographers I particularly like are Joojo and KiwiGaL – both producing completely different but amazing works.

Do you want some inspiration for T-shirt designs?  I don’t know whether these ones are actually available, but wow, they are stunning designs!

Pondering for a few minutes – here are some thoughts from other great (and not so) thinkers in our world.

Hmmmm, inspiring?!

Fifty people: One question… The question? ‘To wake up’

“Once upon a time, we awoke with a new question on our mind. We didn’t quite know what the buzz and bustle of a Brooklyn afternoon would bring. In search of nothing more than some fresh answers, we found a few dreams instead.”

It’s a simple question and the answers can lead us anywhere. So go ahead, ask yourself…

Click on the link and watch the video – you’ll be inspired… Here’s what some others said:

‘I loved the video! It put a smile on my face and brightened my day. My answer would be right where I wake up now… in my bed, in the arm of someone I love and someone who loves me. Waking up to their soft kiss and sweet smile.

i just love that feeling of waking up super happy and excited about what is going to happen next, especially when you aren’t sure what is going to happen but you have a pretty good idea it will be awesome.

I would wake up in the same place, but in a more comfortable bed with a more comfortable pillow in a more comfortable temperature.

And now, for the finale – Star Wars Name Generator!! there are heaps of these things on the net, but I liked this one…Click on the link, it’ll take you to where you can find out YOUR Star Wars name – if I tell you mine will you tell me yours?

For I am

Brole Khauc
Xonmorris minor of Paracetamol

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